The Journal of Haylerbane

Chath was a shy, awkward boy who ran away one day straight into an unexpected destiny. Now he has returned, an adult, and his friends find him surprisingly changed. Because while for them only thirteen years have passed, Chath—armed with a legendary magical sword, and under a variety of identities—has been battling villains and nightmares whose names have been forgotten, for centuries. And now, after nineteen-hundred years, he has finally caught up with . . . himself.


  • Book One: Two Shades Darker Than the Sky--
    Cheytheyn, sword-wielding hero of song and legend, faces his most terrifying challenge of all when he finds himself in the very place he ran away from years earlier. Back home.
    (January, 2004)


  • Book Two: Where the Worm Leads--
    Chath walks the streets of Willowshire once again and enemies from the past re-emerge, having discovered his greatest weakness.  Now two armies are marching towards them, to eradicate these last few Shee, so Chath has to find and resurrect the rest of his people quickly or else he'll find himself the last of his kind once again.



  • Book Three: Held in the Balance--
    Chath is cast into another world -- one which he finds strangely familiar -- and Haylerbane is lost to him. Can he somehow manage to find his way back? And even then how can he, a mere mortal, save the goddess Chythiis Herself?


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